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One of the main missions for Bears Unlimited is to establish a series of school programs that will bring Attu and environmental education into school districts all over the country. The primary purpose of these school programs is to help educate children about our National Park system, bears, wildlife and the environment. We will accomplish this mission and entertain children at the same time through Attu and his adventures.

Within an interactive and engaging educational experience, we have designed a program that incorporates state standards in Science and Language Arts for grades kindergarten through sixth grade that entertains, engages, and educates through the language experience philosophy.

This includes not only reading and research but also, a total hands-on approach to learning. In the spectrum of Science, our program covers both Life Science and Earth Science. In Language Arts, our focus is on reading comprehension, reading literary response and analysis, vocabulary building and writing.

The program incorporates nature – based educational literature. In the literature that accompanies the program, Attu, a polar bear, guides children through not only the various National Parks but also engages them in an environmentally informative story that fosters creative thinking and problem solving strategies.

This program is designed to be interactive and informative for third through sixth grade readers, and engaging and informative for kindergarten through second with adult support. Trained presenters use standards-based questioning and student-led discussion and answer sessions throughout the reading experience.

Depending on the choice of literature and topic, some presentations could include science experiments, writing clinics or art projects based on the topic of the day. This approach will solidify the information, and a multimedia program delivered in a school wide assembly will unite all the standards and objectives learned in an easy to understand wrap up.

Both pre- and post-activities will be made available to schools participating in this program. These activities will be both grade level appropriate and standards based.

For more information or to sign up for the program, contact us.

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