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Attu's Adventures Children's Book Series

Attu’s Adventures are a nature-based educational series aimed at kindergarten through 6th graders. The books are written in an interactive way that brings adults into the learning process with children. There will be over 45 books in the completed series. Each book is based on a National Park or two similar or adjacent parks. Attu researches, visits, and writes about the heart and soul of each of the parks. Some books are history based while others introduce children to natural events like earthquakes and weather.

Attu also introduces the children to National Park Service Rangers and the jobs they do in each park. Our resident expert is Ranger Jenny. She teaches advanced concepts in an easy-to-understand way. Rangers are always viewed in a positive manner and are referred to as the "resident experts" at each park. One of the objectives of this series is to show children that rangers are there to help and teach.

The ultimate objective of the series is to get kids excited about our National Parks and learning. They are the next generation to fund and conserve these lands. My personal hope is that in learning about the wilderness, animals and these parks, many kids will be less likely to get involved with drugs, gangs, and other bad behaviors.

All the books are illustrated with high quality photography, something you won't find in any other book series currently on the market for this age range. This brings the land and animals to the children in a real and tangible way. Attu is also very cute and appeals to the kids in a fun way.

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Attu's Adventures in Arches & Canyonlands National Parks

Attu loves to hike and explore new and wonderous places. Join Attu as he explores the gorgeous vistas, awesome arches and balance rocks, magnificent red rock towers, rambling rivers and rich history that make Arhces and Canyonlands National Parks two of the premiere southwest tourist destinations. (Released May 2012)

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Attu's Adventures in Joshua Tree National Park & Mojave National Preserve

This book takes readers on a delightful journey through the beautiful and mysterious California high desert. Attu starts off exploring the magnificent rock structures, historical figures, adaptable plants and exotic animals (like trantulas!) that call Joshua Tree National Park home. He then travels to Mojave National Preserve and hikes through desolate hills and sand dunes while learning a little about the settlers who tried to tame this desert wilderness. (Released March 2011)

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Attu's Adventures in Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks

Follow Attu as he explores Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. Attu goes on a desert adventure exploring the vibrant vistas, whimsical landscapes, and abundant wildlife of these to unique and enchanting parks. Hiking, geologic processes, camping and lodging take center stage along with stunning photography of these beautiful areas nestled in our southwest deserts.(Released January 2011)

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Look for These New Adventures Soon!

Look for these titles coming soon from Attu and Bears Unlimited:

  • Attu's Adventures in Death Valley National Park
Attu's Adventures in Grand Canyon National Park

Attu loves discovering the many wonders of the Grand Canyon! Follow him as he learns about the history and hazards from the resident expert, the rangers. Walk with him into the canyon and experience the beauty of the Phantom Ranch and the brutal heat of early summer on the hike out. Experience the forests of the North Rim and the sights of the South Rim. Enjoy the beautiful images of the canyon in Attu's Adventures. (Released October 2010)

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Attu's Adventures in Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks

Join Attu as he explores Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Attu takes kids and adults alike on an adventure through the thick forests of Yellowstone National Park as he searches for moose, antelope, deer, wolves, bison, geysers, mud pots, and, of course, huckleberry ice cream! Attu also plays in the lakes and rivers of Grand Teton National Park before enjoying a restful stay in Jackson, Wyoming. This is the essential travel companion for kids visiting or dreaming about these two National Parks. (Released April 2010)

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