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Attu's Biography

I was born on the Alaskan Arctic Ocean coastline near a town called Nuiqsut. This is about 200 miles east of Barrow, Alaska. I am 3 years old in bear years, which is about 13 years old in human years. So I am still just a young cub. Besides my mom and dad, I have one younger sister who lives with my parents on the ice flows of the Arctic Ocean. Her name is Amelia. She is one year old and very annoying. When Mingo and I visit the Arctic coastline she wants to do everything we do. I think that she is a very cool sister when she is sleeping and not talking.

My mom and dad decided that I should travel with Mingo to teach children about polar bears and all the rest of my animal friends. I also want to teach you all about our environment and how we can preserve our natural resources. Mingo and I travel to National Parks all over this great land and bring to you, through informative stories and vivid photography, the places that we enjoy so much. We also talk about the history of our country in our books. Mom and Dad also told me that sometime Amelia can come and help with some of our work. Oh joy, cannot wait 'till that happens! I bet she will be a great little sister when she gets a little older though.

I travel a lot but when I am home I enjoy reading, of course writing stories, watching TV and movies. Simpsons is my favorite TV program and I also love Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel. I like funny movies. Pizza is almost my favorite food but Huckleberry Ice Cream is the "bomb." I eat gallons a day when I am in Montana. But remember, I can do this because I'm a polar bear.

While you're here, don't forget to check out my Attu's Adventures books so you can read all about my travels around our country! You can also see photos from my trips!

My Dream

My dream is to bring my friends and my world to you through the words and the pictures in my books. At each park, I write about the beauty and majesty that I see and experience. I tell you all that I know of these special places and my animal friends that live there.

I hope you will appreciate what wondrous places our parks are and how important it is that we preserve and protect them for future generations. If we lose them they will be gone forever. Our parks are a gift of our forefathers to us and the world.

My other dream is to preserve all the places that have Huckleberry Ice Cream! Yum!

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