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Intelligent. Thoughtful. Playful. Communicative. Wild. Endangered. Loving. Have you met an animal that could be described by any of these words? We definitely have! Explore our articles, research and other anecdotes where we explore these and other characteristics as well as the dilemmas and issues faced by both animals in the wild and wild animals in captivity.

Read the latest wildlife research articles from Mingo Morvin, President of BUI.

  • Returning Home.
    I am back, well mostly, from my, and Krissy’s summer paddle on the lakes of the Colorado River. Starting on Lake Powell, in late June, we paddled for about 18 days in excessive heat, above 115F. This started a very difficult and unusual summer for the Arizona countryside.  In the early part of the summer it was just, HOT. In Phoenix, the record for days over 110F was 35, this summer 34 days over 1 ... read more
    Mingo Morvin, Oct. 3, 2016
  • A return to the water
    Man this summer on the water has been an odd one. As some of you know, Krissy and I paddled 300 plus miles in late June and early July on Lake Powell. When the temps were supposed to be in the high 90’s to low 100’s. We suffered through a constant barrage of 110F and above for just about all the time we were out. Krissy was hot most of the time as was I. At some point I knew she could be injured b ... read more
    Mingo Morvin, Aug. 29, 2016
  • Hiking Season.
    This is hiking time for all in the great outdoors, with lots of places to go and lots of experiences to experience! One of the experiences you do not want to experience is being charged by a bear. Yes, it is that time again. The other day a man was killed near Glacier National Park. Bears are out everywhere now. Oh, and people are taking to the trails on foot, bikes and with running shoes. Thes ... read more
    Mingo Morvin, July 1, 2016
  • Colorado River Pirate Cruise
    Colorado River Pirate Cruise; From Lake Powell to Lake Havasu. Planning, then re-planning and adjusting and adapting another new updated plan seem to be fairly complete. I have noticed as I have gotten older, the expeditions are as difficult but it takes more time to plan for these trips. This expedition is quite complex as it is long and grueling. It is also new to me in many areas of pl ... read more
    Mingo Morvin, May 2, 2016
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BUI founder, Mingo Morvin, is passonate about bears in the wild! Learn more about these graceful and powerful animals.

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