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Safety Disclaimer

Lots of exciting adventures happen in my life and in my partner’s lives. You can read about charging bears, relaxing bears, solo kayak trips on James Bay and on the Yukon. Injuries that I sustain and just live though and still execute a plan in deep wilderness regions! What I do is real; it is not the Bear dude or Survivorman reality TV. I have no backup, no rescue team near, no lodges to sleep in, no chance of survival if things go bad. I am the camera man and the sound guy.

I minimize the danger and risk in much of the writing and reporting of actual conditions. Just about anything that I do in the field is serious and can be fatal. I know how fortunate I am to have survived as long as I have. Having brown bears walk quietly next to your tent as you sleep is cool but can become a serious situation. Sitting with bears, moose and other large critters is a wonderful feeling but… you never know when they might turn on you. Free soloing a 100-foot 5.10c face and crack climb in JT (Legolas) is enjoyable but also sporty. A mistake up high is fatal. I still remember the solo, winter ascents on I did on Mt. Morrison. Steep snowy 2,000 foot walls equipped with only an ice axe, crampons, skill and luck. What a way to spend a long day. I am very good at what I do but also understand that all of these adventures take a bit of luck. Good timing also helps.

This website is just a compilation of my activities. No one should attempt these activities without the years of training and experience. No one should try any of this if they are not prepared to forfeit their lives in the fulfillment of these activities. If you do choose to follow this path, good luck. I can guarantee you that your path will be hard, treacherous, sporty and filled with difficult times. It will also be fun-filled, exciting and stimulating. Mostly though, it will be beautiful and your senses and heart will be filled with pleasure from seeing the earth from the pristine places that your travels take you.

Mingo Morvin
Adventurer and President of Bears Unlimited, Inc.

Safety Disclaimer
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