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About Bears Unlimited, Inc.

The mission of Bears Unlimited Inc. is to:

  • Embark on research expeditions to the home ranges of native bear and wildlife populations to study, collect data and learn more about these fascinating animals in the wild.
  • Educate individuals about wildlife and habitats as well as animal welfare, rights and preservation issues.
  • Provide information and research data to help animal preservations efforts across North America.

Our goals may seem ambitious but we believe they are attainable. Wild and domestic animals need a voice within the human wilderness and we hope to be part of that voice.


Field research is one of the best ways to learn about bears and other wildlife. Through careful observation, we can understand the complexities of behavior and learn how animals are adapting to changes in their habitat.

Bears Unlimited Inc. conducts research expeditions into the home ranges of wildlife to further understand their native habitat and to collect information, data, video and still images.

Our research is not limited to bears but to the complete environment that bears exist within. We will study how bears live within a given habitat, whether this is a polar bear in the Arctic, a brown bear in Alaska or Yellowstone or a black bear in the California Sierra’s. We will study how bears relate to other animals and humans within these environments. We will address how global warming may or may not be affecting bears and wildlife in the Arctic, US and Canada.


Bears Unlimited Inc. is dedicated to developing educational programs for both children and adults. We believe that education is the key to understanding the animals that inhabit our backyards, forests, parks and preserves. In addition to our existing Attu’s Adventures educational children’s book series, we’re currently developing elementary school programs and other educational programs that will be available to schools and agencies across the US.


Preservation of bears, wildlife and their habitat is our main long-term goal. Bears Unlimited Inc. will help provide answers to issues that impact habitat and harvesting. We believe that open dialogs between bear researchers, politicians and the general public about topics that impact wildlife habitats and livelihoods are essential to create public policies that support the long-term preservation of these wildlife species and habitats.

Who is Bears Unlimited

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